Halloween Roof Decorations Ideas For Your Home


Halloween Roof Decorations Ideas

Halloween roof decoration ideas abound, and there are some really awesome and unique ideas to try. You might find descriptions of them online and pictures, but you’re not going to have likely seen anything like them in person. But you can be the one to give your neighborhood that type of flare this Halloween season.

Hairy spider decorationg for yard treesTry on these Halloween roof decorations ideas for size. How about a giant spider, and we’re talking one that is 6 feet wide and 6 feet long. A huge black tarantula posed right on top of your roof! How cool is that? I’m looking at one right now that shows a man being eaten by what appears to be ‘The Blob.’ It shows half of the man’s body, and it looks pretty bloody and gory.

Check here for a Mega Spider Web decoration which you can add to your roof.

A hanged man with the rope and body dangling from the second floor windows. You can add a air blown props which are cool to place on a roof, because they are super large and will be seen from a distance. There are cute ghosts and scary Dracula air-blown decorations which inflate in seconds, some of them have LED lights inside them so they can be seen at night too.

You can add a graveyard silhouette on the roof, with cut out tombstones and crosses of a cemetery. You can stretch spider web fabrics across the roof, and nets with black bats ‘caught’ in them. You can create large cat eyes with LED light strings attached to the roof, which will illuminate at night like a giant cat on the side of the roof.

Be careful when you go out and decorate the roof! If it was a rainy day, and the roof is wet and sloppy don’t risk a fall!

You can see how it can be fun to use your entire roof as a scene. People don’t always expect to see something on a roof. But, you’re going to make them feel like they just stepped into the scene of a movie. Or, you’re going to give them a good Halloween scare, something like that, right?

You can set up an entire scene using your imagination. Of course you have to remember that certain roofs are better suited for certain Halloween decorations and designs. Like for instance, some roofs can have a lighted roof display that is more flat because the roof is steep and easily viewed by passersby.

Fog Effects For HalloweenWhat type of roof do you have? Browse the different ideas, and see which ones match your type of roof. Or, you can go with something universal, like a giant spider. You could set up a roof cemetery!

Now, that would be spooky, complete with a fog machine. If you still don’t have a fog machine hop right here and get a cheap effective one from Amazon. How are those for Halloween roof decorations ideas?

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