Halloween Outdoor Decorating Ideas 2016


2016 Halloween Decorating Ideas For Patio

Friday 13 halloween decoration ideaCreating a perfect patio decoration for Halloween 2016 is not as tough as one might think. If you are throwing a Halloween party, you need to think of a theme and from the theme to create the scene and decoration.

There are several ways to think of a theme for your Halloween party or outdoor decoration. Begin with a theme and then write down which props and decorations line up with the theme. Then think of your outdoor settings, and how to create a scene using all the space and objects: garage, trees, shed, gutter, windows.

Here are several ideas of decoration themes you can begin to work with:

Horror Movie Decoration Themes

Freddy Halloween DecoratingFor example Nightmare on Elm’s Street theme, with Freddy Kruger knife blades signature running all around the house. There are Halloween props of Freddy crawling out of the ground, Freddy’s hands reaching from the windows, Freddy’s hat, glove and even a full body Freddy costume.

Another popular movie theme for Halloween is the Friday the 13th! Masked faces of Jason Voorhees. Lots of blood, bloody machete, Jason mask. These can be used as a main theme and all the rest of the props and decorations can complete the horror scene.

Get it here: Friday The 13th Jason Voorhees Door Topper Decoration

Witches And Mid Evil Theme

Hairy spider decorationg halloween ideaAnother type of theme ideas are all the witches and witchcraft scenes. They are quite easy to create using little imagination and some Halloween props. For this idea to come a live you need lots of spider webs, huge spiders, bats and cats eyes. In order for the decoration to be outstanding, place the props at surprising locations. Place bats hanging from the trees, huge cat eyes watching from the windows, attach spiders to the side of the house.

Get this hairy spider with LED eyes..

A fog machine is a useful accessory at Halloween for all theme ideas but especially for mid evil times. A huge pot with foggy smoke flowing of all sides, a witch riding a broom at the tree or second floor.

The Graveyard Theme Idea

Graveyard decorating HalloweenAnother popular Halloween theme idea is to create a graveyard at the front yard. It may require some props, but the general effect will be unique and scary.

Placing several, tombstones on the lawn, or a pile for skeleton bones, digging some grave contour or placing piles of fresh soil on the grass and sticking some hands and feet in them. A fog machine is a necessary prop for a spooky graveyard. Bats, cats, coffins and skulls are also part of the scene.

A Murder Scene Theme

Scary Halloween Hanged Man Decoration For YardThis is quite a scary and realistic Halloween outdoor decoration theme. You will need to create the effect of a police crime scene. Adding a yellow “do not cross the line” film around the front yard, or across the front door. Adding a dead body on the ground or hanging from the tree!

Poring blood on outer walls, staining the pavement with a blood trail, a huge axe in the grass. This outdoor decoration is best when minimum props are used, and the crime scene is not too staged!!

Dracula Theme Idea

The most famous blood drinking count Dracula is a decoration theme for Halloween anyone can create and is fun for kids also. Using ‘glow in the dark’ eyes, UV decorations, huge teeth, bats, flying masks, tall hats, cats eyes, fog, spider webs, spider nets, dummy props with LED eyes.

Zombie Theme Idea For Outdoor Decoration

Similar to the graveyard decoration, but taking the scene one step further. Adding ugly twisted body props, arms and legs flinching fingers and placing them from the graves, leaf pile, window cracks. Full body props of zombies are available too, some of them are scary horror faces with motion sensors, which will talk or move when a guest comes too close!

Scary zombie cat or dog for outdoor theme

Zombies have their bloody knifes and machete, they have ripped clothes of people who came from the dead. Dirt and blood, haunted faces, wigs and masks go well when emerging from the ground.

Ghosts and Demons Decorating Idea

scary window daoration for halloweenFun and easy to create, just designing white sheets flying from a rooftop, ghosts flying from a tree branch. Try to manage the lights and darkness to create the best haunted illusion. Use light glowing window decorations, soft floating ghosts from an elevated place. Use wires and strings to tie the props were they will be seen in mid air.

No matter which of these themes you think is best, try and add your personal touch, a unique prop at the right place can create a scene like no one has. Think of lights and how to use them or shadows to put emphasis on the scary story you are telling.

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