Halloween Graveyard Decorations Ideas


Chilling Halloween Graveyard Decorations

Preparing for the perfect Halloween party can seem like a bit of a hassle. Trying to come up with the decorations, ensuring that the event will be both scary and welcoming, and making sure that you don’t stretch yourself too thin are all problems that people face on a very regular basis. This is why we are going to talk about Halloween graveyard decorations ideas for your next part during this wonderful season.

graveyard decoration zombieComing up with some Halloween graveyard decorations ideas before you start working on your party is a good way to add a bit of spooky fun into any and all parts of your event. Because they are so universally recognized as being part of the Halloween celebration, graveyards and tombstones will help set the mood and can be changed to fit any and all decorating needs. From spooky to funny, small changes will make this theme a hit for years to come. The best effect would be achieved by adding zombies or real looking figures crawling out of the ground. Tombstones set aside and one or two of these creepy figures on the ground (see image above) and your Halloween props are awesome.

The first step is choosing whether you want to graveyard to be spooky, cute, funny, or gross. From here you can make decisions about what the tombstones say, how the dirt looks, and what accessories you want to add as well.

For funny parties silly little comments on the stones make for great conversation starters.

Cute parties benefit from adorable ghosts, darling skeletons, and sweet little grave flowers.

graveyard decoration 1Spooky and gross events can benefit from more menacing messages, fake blood, real dirt, and even a few zombie ground crawlers to make the graves look unkempt and menacing.

Check out this freaking Gnombie stretching out from the garden.

Most of the time making a gravestone is extremely simple. Cut out the correct shape from cardboard, paint it with poster paint, tape it where you want it to be, decorate, and expand the atmosphere for your own personal spooky graveyard.

Don’t Forget the Graveyard Fog Effect

700 watt fog machine for halloweenNo graveyard decoration is completed without a fog effect!! Make sure to get a small home fog machine, to create the realistic effect needed.


This is a great basis for any Halloween party!

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