Garden Furniture

Buying Garden Furniture

When buying garden furniture, you should think of a few factors in order to get the best sitting solution. Garden furniture sets are usually more vulnerable to sun or rain, unless they have weatherproof covers to protect them from mother nature.

There is a wide range of garden furniture sets to pick from, iron sets, wooden sets and plastic sets.

Iron Garden Sets

Iron sitting sets, are the most elegant. They usually come in a 3-4 chair set with a round table with a glass top and place to add a sun umbrella. Iron chairs need a matching set of all weather cushions, to allow comfortable sitting. In summer they might be to hot to sit if felt under direct blazing sun light, so adding matching covers is wise.


Wooden Garden Furniture

Wooden sets are the most popular. No matter how the wood is treated to protect it from sun or wet weather, it is recommended to cover them during seasons they are not in use. Most wooden chairs for garden are light weight & folding, so they are easy to carry.


Plastic Garden Sitting Sets

Plastic sets are the cheapest but they have a shorter life too. They can withstand the rain and frost (which is damaging to wooden chairs) but the sun dries the plastic composites, and they might break and lose their color because of UV light over time. They are lightweight, some are folding, and can be used when the shade moves around and you want to sit in a different place every time.