Easy Halloween Decoration For Gates & Fence


How To Decorate Gates & Fence For Halloween

When it comes to decorating your front yard for Halloween, you need to get it done right. One way of doing it right, is not to leave areas of your garden unattended. Many people decorate the windows and doors, they decorate the trees for Halloween. But they overlook the fence or gate and that leaves blank areas.

It is quite easy to decorate the fence of your house for Halloween. You need to think of a prop which will cover parts of the fence and will blend into the overall theme.

One of the most simple ways to decor a fence is to stretch on it a scary spooky cloth.

Spooky cloth for fence decoration

The spooky cloth looks like a witch cloth, torn and ripped, black and airy. It can be placed on areas you want to cover but not invest in a way that steals the focus from your main decoration scene. It can be used for many years and is easy to store once the holiday is over.


Bloody Hand Prints And Blood Stains

Another way to cover areas easy and fast, like garage doors, gates, and fences. Is to get the bloody hand print clings. These are red CSI evidence of a horrible crime committed. They add a scary atmosphere to any house decoration.

Bloody hand prints and blood splash clings

The bloody handprint clings has many kind of stains this can help you create the scene you want, without too much hassle. Add them to your window decoration, fence or gate and they will be the first thing your guests see when they arrive to your house.

The stickers can be used with other props near them to make the scene even more realistic: Axes, knives, bones, zombie parts and more.

Skeleton Bones For Fence Decoration

Another way to decorate your fence for Halloween is to add bones and skeleton parts along side it. It is very easy to attach thin wires and let these bones swing in the wind.

Graveyard decorating Halloween

The bones can be attached to one another or just placed randomly. A bag contains 28 bones and skull pieces, more than enough to cover a yard fence. If you want to decorate the garage door or the gate, a small pile of bones with bloody hand prints beside them will do the effect.

It doesn’t take much to decorate a fence or a gate, all it usually takes is some sense of design and the small touch up of Halloween props which show these areas have been attended too.


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