Scary Decoration Ideas For Halloween Backyard Party


Decoration For Halloween Backyard Party

When you throw a backyard Halloween party, or just invite some guests over for a scary patio event. The party decorations are part of the preparation you need to consider.

One way to surprise your guest is to add scary Halloween decorations at places they do not expect to see them. Adding the spooky props will make any party a blast, even before the beer ice bath empties.

Watch This Scary Hallowen Pranks!

Put a Hanged Man In Your Backyard

Scary Halloween Hanged Man Decoration For YardOne of the scariest Halloween decorations is the hanged man! This full scale body, is hanged from one of the backyard trees.

The best effect is NOT to put it where it is easily seen. Let it hang in the shadows or at a darkest spot in the backyard. Leave it there for one of the guests to find.

You can place the hanged man decoration prop behind the shed, or at the dark kitchen walk to the front yard, any place which no one would expect to see a hanged person dangling from a tree or pole.

Get the Hanged Man Halloween decoration HERE

Add some fake blood or stab a knife in the center of the body. You will know someone found the hanged man by the horror scream that will be heard!

Backyard Window Decorations

Scary Silhouette Hanging ManOne other cool theme decorations are the Halloween window decorations. The window decoration have a glowing effect which is produced when the house lights behind them are on.

They glow or create a scary silhouette.

The best decorations is the Hanged man silhouette (see image) which is a scary black and white image of a hanged man. A very unpleasant image facing the backyard and patio.

scary window daoration for halloweenAnother great Halloween window effect is the scary glowing screaming face. It comes in a large 3′ x 5′ poster, which is attached to the window, and when the light in the house behind it is lite, the demon screaming face glows in a scary green effect.


The name of the game is surprise! Find unique ways to get the people off guard. Even placing a bloody props of arms and legs in unexpected places – In the restroom, under patio cushions, behind the outdoor BBQ grill top, a floating body in your backyard pool.

A fog machine in the backyard is one of the accessories which will mark any Halloween party as a buzzer! Placing a fog machine at the far side of the yard, letting it cover the area of the lawn with thick low smoke.

Now imagine the hanged man body dangling from the mist.. or placing dead zombies arms in the ground and letting the smoke cover them like the “Night of the living dead” scene.


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