Cooling Your Gazebo With No Jaw Dropping Bills


Mist Cooling Your Gazebo

gazebo-cooling mist systemWhen people design their backyard and include a gazebo with a sitting area inside, they imagine of enjoying some leisure time in it during summer. But summer season has become hot and humid, and when the temperatures rise, the will to be outside drops.

Some people find that the nice gazebo is standing in the middle of their yard, orphan without them getting the best of the prime location for yard dinners and outdoor events.

Cooling The Gazebo – Solutions

There are several solutions to cool down the gazebo which stands all day in direct sunlight and may be a sauna instead of a pleasant place to be in.

Thermal Roof Add on – The first thing is to think about adding layers of heat reflecting coating on the gazebo roof. These when done properly can reduce the heat by 50 degrees! A heat reflective roof should be white to reflect UV and sun rays.

UV window cling for gazeboUV Window Cover – Another issue is to make sure the gazebo is well shaded. If there are windows, they could be covered with UV filtering cling film. This will reduce the temperature inside and will also protect any wooden flooring or furniture which the UV can cause accelerated aging. Check here to get UV sheets for windows (opens in new tab)

Ventilation – If there are windows they should be kept open in two sides of the gazebo so the air flow will keep the temperature down. Otherwise the heat of standing air may be unbearable and dusty odors may develop. If you do not want to keep windows open because of birds, bats, cats, snakes and insects crawling in, you can add an electric vent to circulate fresh air in. There are some solar vents which can be attached and do a similar effect while adding zero dollars to your electric bills.

Adding Outdoor Fans – Another way to col the gazebo is to add a patio fan to push the air around the gazebo. The fan cause the air to move, and this cause a slight breeze, when we are sweating the wind vaporize our sweat and creates a cooling effect on our skin.

Air Conditioning the Gazebo – This is the best way to cool the gazebo, but also the most expensive way to see the electric bills soar up. Air conditioning an open space gazebo may by totally wacky! If the place has windows than air conditioning would be more easy but yet with large windows the AC will have to work over time to keep the low temperature, and every door left opened will cost you a buck.

Gazebo Mist Cooling – This may be the best solution which can cool the gazebo and also be cost effective. What a mist cooling is doing, is similar to how the body cools itself. The system is connected to the garden hose, and sends constant or intervals of water spray mists. The vaporizing of water cause an immediate cooling effect.

There is no electricity involved, the water pressure in your hose will create the mist fog so no electricity jaw dropping bills are expected. The water bill may be slightly higher if you massively use the mist. Otherwise it depends of the water pressure you adjust but may be approx 0.5 gallon per nozzle per hour. Check video below to see how easy it is..

Where To Start? Get a Mist Cooling Kit.

Mist cooling for gazebo These are extremely low cost, and easy to install with no technical knowledge at all.

Click here – The first thing you will need is a mist cooling system!

If you can manage a screw and a hose attachment, you will manage this kit too.

Add the kit to the rim of the gazebo roof. With the water nozzles facing out. In this way the spray will cool the air but will not drip in. If you have a dominant wind direction in your yard, add the kit waterline to the direction where the warm wind is coming from.

If you want the system to last for long time, get the water filter attachment too, it will filter clogging debris from ruining the fine nozzle spouts.

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