Cool Ideas For Impressive Solar Lights In Your Garden


Unique Ideas For Solar Garden Lights

One of the hottest trends in garden and patio decoration is using solar lights. They collect sun energy during the day, and have a soft dim light at night. Because they do not require any wiring they are usually dispatched with a plastic pole so they can be placed in the grass or flowerbeds.

The main problem is that these plastic sticks with the tiny LED bulb at the top, have more plastic than LED light, and they have no charm and style.

Here are some of the coolest ideas for using solar lights in your backyard garden.

Use Solar Lights For Patio & Deck Stairways

One of the nice ways to use solar lights is to place them at an even level at the side of stairways. They illuminate the walk way, and if the landscaping has curves, it is a beautiful sight.

Solar lights decor ideasThe way to succeed, is to measure and place them in precise distance and height so they escort parallel to the elevation and direction of the garden stairway. Each stair will need two lights, one on each side.

Solar lights are shipped in a 8 package. You will need probably 2-3 of  packs of 8 solar lights, to create the desired effect. It’s worth it, the sight at night is like a fairytale scene.

Place Solar Lights In Large Chinese Paper Balls

Paper ballons for solar light decorationAnother unique and impressive way to use solar lights at your garden, is to illuminate large decorative paper balloons.

The soft LED light which looks weak will illuminate the paper ball just to make it magically glow. Because solar lights do not need wires and cables, hang the paper balls down from patio ceiling, over the backyard pool or tie them down from tree branches.

Make sure they have sunlight during the day so when night sets, the dim light will make the paper balls glow in the dark. They look best when hung at darkest garden spots. The sight of floating illuminated balls is awesome!

In order to prepare this you need several paper balloon decorations.

Make Solar Light Sun Jars

Another idea which can be fun to make and unique too, is to create sun jars with solar lights inside. First you will need to dismantle the LED light and solar panel from the plastic pole. It is easy than you think, and requires no tech knowledge. Just screw it off. This children’s fun clip will show you how to do it in 2 minutes.

The second stage is preparing your solar sun jars. Try and think of a concept. Like coloring them in rainbow colors and placing them in a row. Or paint the jars in red-white-and blue for 4th of July.

You can use soft romantic doily and burlap to make them interesting and unique.. When the solar light is inside them they spread soft shadows across their surrounding. Most solar lights are waterproof (check yours!), so you can even place the light in a sun jar filled with colored water!

Solar Lid LightHang them from trees and high places, so they swing in the night breeze. These magical eye catchers luminaries are a simple cheap way to make the most out of solar lights in the backyard.

If you do not want to mess with the LED tech stuff, you can get solar light lids! See image – They come with a built in solar light lid, so all you have to do is just the fun part of decorating the jar.

Gets some here: Solar Lid Light

If you are having guests to your patio or backyard deck, make sure to place these solar sun jars on trees, at the borderline of the flower beds, floating in the pool..


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