Composting With Good “Bugs” And Avoiding Bad Bugs


Home Compost Thriving With Good Bugs

Vermicomposting worms bugsOne of the best ways that each individual can help to save the planet Earth is to recycle all of your home garbage, including composting everything organic as well. The real beauty of recycling your home kitchen waste and yard debris is the great organic fertilizer that is naturally made through your efforts, it can be used to plant vegetables and flowers while avoiding purchasing fertilizer from the store. Here are some great tips on getting started making your own compost.

You Can’t Hardly Go Wrong

While there are a lot of small things that will make composting easier or faster, the basics are that you add everything biodegradable to a pile and mix it around with a shovel occasionally, and you’ll get good compost. Nitrogen rich compost material that comes from the kitchen tends to make better fertilizer, as do lawn clippings, fallen leaves and other garden waste things. Most materials are better if shredded so that oxygen can get to every part of the debris, this allows the compost “bugs”, like bacteria, molds, and worms to gain easier access to the nutrients.

Vermicomposting is a method of composting when ground worms are used to mulch the mixture and turn it into a rich fertilized composite. In this case the worms are good and are part of the process.

However, some things such as meat, seafood, bones, fat and dairy products should be avoided and no pet or human waste should be included either, as they can upset the balance of compost “bugs” and cause flies, diseases and other problems.

If you add such wastes to your compost you will attract bugs and flies which will not contribute to your fertilized compost. These are the bad bugs you should try to avoid by keeping a correct carbon to nitro ratio.

There Are Compost Bins That Help In The Mixing

Double cabin composter 2If you can get a hold of a good compost bin, they can help make the constant mixing needed a much easier task. The best ones will be able to be spun or rotated with a handle and have some large ribs inside to further increase the mixing effect.

Your best chances for success is getting the best selling composter at Amazon (see image) which has a twin chamber and rotation feature for easy home composting.

You can also add shredded paper, wood chips, sawdust, coffee grounds, and even crushed egg shells.

Getting started in composting is excellent for your garden, and helps to save money on both fertilizer purchases and garbage hauling from the home. Additionally, compost can make some of your homegrown vegetables taste better because of the extra micro nutrients it contains.

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