Cleaning The Pool Teaches Kids Responsibility


Teach Kids Responsibility By Letting Them Clean The Pool

Kids Pool Cleaning taskAny parent knows that teaching kids how to develop responsibility is important. Kids are used to the fact that everything is getting done for them. Since they are toddlers, we make them three meals, we take them everywhere, we do everything for them. But in real life they should be doing things for themselves or contributing to others.

Parental guidance experts support giving kids to be responsible of house tasks, beginning at very young age. They can help sorting out the socks from the clean laundry pile when they are 3-4, they can help set the table, or take the plates off at the end of a meal.

Every parent know most kids do not like doing cleaning tasks. Teaching them responsibility about doing cleaning tasks, is worth beginning at young age. One idea to develop self responsibility about cleaning tasks, can be allowing them at summer clean the pool.

Kids and Pool Safety

Small kids should not be in the pool alone! Parental guidance is necessary for young kids who do not know to swim when they are near the pool. Do not leave a kid near a pool even if they have older brothers or sisters near. Thousands of children drown each year because someone thought they would be OK for a minute.

Pool Cleaning Responsibility

If your kid is old enough to enjoy a backyard pool without the possibility of drowning, then they are also old enough to be in charge of assisting with the pool cleaning.

Motivation – The basic part of doing a task is to be motivated. Self motivation is more important than external motivation. If the kid wants some pool time – they should help clean the pool! That’s internal motivation to do the task.

Enjoying the task – If a person enjoys a task, there are greater chances they will repeat it again. Pool cleaning is fun. It’s wet. It’s rather easy.

Routine – Being responsibility is about keeping a routine, like brushing the teeth or washing the hands before a meal. Cleaning the pool can be a reasonable routine, every day to pick up leaves from the water.

Doing things even when they are not fun – Teaching responsibility is about doing what needs to be done, even if it’s not fun. When cleaning a pool, the kid will probably have to scoop out of the water insects and dead bugs. While they might make a disgusted face, but since they are scooping the water with a pool cleaning rake, they will manage it.

Cleaning the Pool With Rake or Vacuum Cleaner

Leaf Rake For Pool CleaningDepending on the kids ability and age, they can be using either a pool rake to pick up dirt from the water. A pool rake is not expensive, there is nothing to ‘break’ or get ruined. Make sure the rake has an extension pole so that the kid can reach and pick up debris from the middle of the pool too. Picking leaves with a pool rake is easy and fun for kids, it requires some coordination, and it will challenge younger kids for responsibility.

Hand Held Pool Vacuum CleanerFor older kids, or young teens, scooping the water with a pool rake is not challenging, and thus there is less likely they will want to take this task as “their responsibility”. You can get a hand held pool’s vacuum cleaners. These pool vacuums have a waterproof battery operated engine, so they can be safely submerged in the pool.

Operating a hand held vacuum is fun and challenging for young teens, this will make the pool cleaning task to be a responsibility they will be willing to take. Order a pool vacuum to make the pool cleaning an easy task for your child.

Teach the kids, that preparing the pool and cleaning it, is a responsibility they can mange and do. Decide if it should be done with a rake or a vacuum to suit the child’s age and skill level.

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