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Best Winter Weber Barbecue Grill Covers

Beast Recommended Cookbooks for BBQOne of the most popular outdoor grills brand in the United States is Weber. There are tens of thousands of them in back yards and patio cooking stations all around the nation. Millions of Americans eat grilled meat made on Weber grills each year.

Outdoor cooking is great but at September, autumn is back and all these grills need to be stored away for the winter. A grill which is left in bad weather will not only get ruined but may also be dangerous to use. Propane tanks, gas pipes, valves and other parts were not made to be out in all weather conditions. For this reason all outdoor grills need to be covered and stored during winter to avoid freezing, water rust and moisture stains.

You can store the Weber grill in an inside room, shed or garage. If you do so, detach the propane tanks and leave hem outside. It is dangerous to store them in a closed area for month, as pressure could leak and buildup in storing area!

Most of the people cover and store the grill outside, which means the grill needs to be protected from environment elements by descant cover. Here are the best winter covers for Weber outdoor grills:

Weber 7453 Premium Kettle Cover, Fits 22.5-Inch Charcoal Grills

Weber Grill cover

  • Grill cover made of heavy-duty vinyl with Weber logo
  • Resists cracking even in the coldest temperatures
  • Hangs almost all the way to the ground to protect the legs
  • Fits all Weber 22-1/2-inch kettle grills
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

This cover is an official Weber cover for smaller22.5-Inch Charcoal Grills


Weber 7553 Premium Cover for Weber Genesis Gas Grills

Weber 7553 Premium Cover for Weber.

  • Heavy-duty protective grill cover made of durable vinyl
  • Fits Genesis 300 series gas grills
  • Slips on easily; fitted center and long sides keep it securely in place
  • Reduces exposure to outdoor elements; sleek look with Weber logo
  • Made of Heavy-duty Vinyl
  • Weber Premium Cover Genesis E-S Series


This is the BEST SELLING grill cover at Amazon, it is bought by thousands of people, even those who don’t have a Weber grill. The Weber 7553 Premium Cover for Weber Genesis Gas Grills has durable vinyl and comfortable slip on wrapping and unwrapping. This and other features made it a premium choice for thousands of Americans.


Classic Accessories Ravenna Grill Cover, Large

Classic Accessories Ravenna Grill Cover

  • Fits Large Grills up to 64-inches long by 24-inches wide By 48-inches high
  • Waterproof backing keeps your grill dry while elastic hem cords move easily through a special channel for a snug fit
  • Four (4) custom-colored buckles keep your cover secure in any weather
  • Adjustable webbing belts slide easily for a tailored look; Striped webbing adds an attractive accent and is unique to the Ravenna collection.

Though this does not belong to the Weber collection it is one of the highest rated grill covers. The Classic Accessories Ravenna Grill Cover has durable waterproof cover. Elastic cords for easy assembly. This will keep your grill safe from wet conditions throughout the winter.


Weber 6553 Premium Cover for Weber Q-300 Grill

Weber 6553 Premium Cover for Weber Q-300 Grill

  • Heavy-duty protective grill cover made of durable vinyl
  • Designed to fit Weber Q300 grills
  • Front drawstring and elastic side bands cinch down tight; fits over grill and cart
  • Easy to clean both inside and out
  • Sophisticated look with Weber logo

This Weber 6553 Premium Cover is another top pick for Weber grill owners. It is designed to cover Weber Q-300 grills.



Classic Accessories 73912 Veranda Barbecue Grill Cover

BBQ grill cover outdoor cover


  • Protective cover for cart-style barbecues up to 58-inch wide
  • Fabric top won’t crack in cold weather; water-repellent/resistant PVC under-coating
  • Splash-guard skirt; click-close straps for secure placement; adjustable elastic hem cord with toggle
  • Padded handles; helpful air vents; durable interlocking seams; large zippered front pocket
  • Measures 24 by 58-inch; 3-year warranty


This is also not an official Weber grill cover, but Classic Accessories 73912 Veranda Barbecue Grill Cover is still one of the best all weather grill protection covers you can find. It is also budget friendly and has thousands of reviews mostly customers gave it a 5 star rating!

If you have a Weber BBQ grill you know it is worth to keep it dry and safe, so the next spring your cooking festival could be as happy as it was this year.

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