Detecting The “Bad Guys” BEFORE They Break Into Your Home

home security detection system

Detecting Unwanted Intruders Made Easy It is no secret that living in a private home on ground level, means you are at higher risk of meeting an intruder at some point in your life. There are different kind of intruders, Continue reading

Prevent Seniors From Slipping On Ice In Your Yard

winter boots for seniors snow

Helping Seniors Avoid Slipping On Ice Thousands of seniors and elderly people fall over slippery ice every year. These falls sometime end in painful bruises and some time in hospitalization. The hard cases of injury are those in which from Continue reading

#5 Ideas For Romantic Lights For Your Patio Or Yard

5 Romantic Lights Ideas For The Patio If you were in the bedroom which light would be most romantic for you? Candle light? soft white light? a back light unseen? a red light? You can create the same effect of Continue reading

Decoration Lights Ideas For The Backyard Fence

Adding Lights To The Backyard Fence Adding lights to the backyard fence, is recommended for several reasons. Here you can read about ideas on how to light up the fence and make it part of the backyard decoration. First of all, unless Continue reading