Outdoor Hot Tub Jacuzzi Portable Privacy Screen

Portable Privacy Screen For Jacuzzi If you are lucky enough to have a hot tub jacuzzi at your back yard, then you know that in order to fully enjoy it, you need some privacy. There is no need to explain Continue reading

Can Mist Cooling System Ruin Patio Furniture

Mist cooling kit for patio

Is Your Patio Furniture at Risk? If you have a nice shaded patio and think about cooling the warm summer days and summer evenings. One in the patio cooling solutions is installing a mist cooling system. These systems have a Continue reading

Cooling Your Gazebo With No Jaw Dropping Bills

gazebo-cooling mist system

Mist Cooling Your Gazebo When people design their backyard and include a gazebo with a sitting area inside, they imagine of enjoying some leisure time in it during summer. But summer season has become hot and humid, and when the Continue reading

How To Enjoy a Patio Dinner With NO Flies

House fly on patio table

Get Rid Of Flies Around Your Patio Table One of the worst things which can ruin any outdoor patio dinner would be storms of flies disturbing you and your guests. Flies are usually around during warm summer days, they seem Continue reading

Poolside Furniture For Overweight People

poolside furniture for overweight people

Poolside Lounge and Chairs Heavy Weight Many people need heavy duty furniture for their backyard patio and pool. One of the best ways to enjoy a backyard pool (except jumping in) is sitting beside it with family and friends. Overweight Continue reading

How To Set up a Lounge Movie Theater in The Backyard

Camp chef backyard cinema screen

Turn Your Backyard To a Movie Theater One of the greatest ideas you can do this summer in your backyard, is to turn it to an open movie theater. It is probably more easy than you think, and it is Continue reading

Is Your Patio Ready For Winter? Get These Tips Now!

curved gutter hose attachment

Preparing The Patio For Winter Preparing the patio for winter is different depending on the state you live in. In Florida there is not much to prepare, in Minnesota, winter has probably never ended. For all those who live in Continue reading