Can Mist Cooling System Ruin Patio Furniture


Is Your Patio Furniture at Risk?

Mist cooling nad wooden furnitureIf you have a nice shaded patio and think about cooling the warm summer days and summer evenings. One in the patio cooling solutions is installing a mist cooling system. These systems have a thin high pressure hose which has several nozzles that spray a mist of water into the warm dry air. The mist of water cools down the air and the temperature in the patio may drop by 20-30 degrees.

There are plenty of upsides to installing a mist cooling system for the patio. It is more effective than just a fan, it has lower cost compared to air-conditioning, and the maintenance is also quite budget friendly.

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One of the things homeowners worry about is that the outdoor cooling system, would ruin their patio furniture, rust the BBQ grill and cause other side effects.

Wooden Furniture and Outdoor Mist Cooling

Any outdoor furniture should be able to stand some of the weather elements. Even if your patio furniture is 100% natural wood, these sitting sets have paint coats to block humidity and dampness from ruining the wood.

These coats of paint cover should be renewed every autumn. Preparing your wooden furniture in the patio for winter showers, and even higher air humidity will help them last longer. Many people cover their patio furniture with all weather winter covers and don’t bother to renew the coat of paint, that is a mistake. The humidity reaches inside the wood, and the dampness will weaken the wood.

This is true also for winter BBQ covers, before covering the BBQ grill there are preparations which need to be done, so the valves and nozzles will say clean and safe.

Preventing Water Damage To BBQ or Furniture

Can the mist cooling damage your wooden furniture or BBQ? If your cooling system is placed without thought, this may happen. The fog sprinkler creates a constant mist of water which usually dries with the wind. But if the pressure is high, the mist can get anything under it damp and wet. If the nozzles are not clean or clogged then they can drip.

This doesn’t have to be that way. If you place the mist cooling on the rim of the patio roof, and the nozzle sprinkles facing outward, than the mist will be less intense.

Locating the sitting area or outdoor cooking not under the nozzles will prevent the water from damping the cushions or watering the BBQ.

If your furniture has water resistant paint coat, then even the mist will not effect your furniture.

A mist cooling system works best at dry areas. If your summer is hot but humid, than the droplets would not vaporize while in the air, and you will not get cool but just wet damp.


high pressure misting systemIf you are using a home low pressure system, the droplets may be to large and a mist of water may ruin your furniture or BBQ. Installing a high pressure system is more expensive and requires electricity powered pump to create the high pressure.

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These systems produce tiny droplets which evaporates better, and the dampness under is not created.

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