Buying Tips For Cordless Lawn Mower


How To Buy a Cordless Lawn Mower

With the recent advent of wireless technology, everyone is craving a wireless design for every equipment and appliance. So if you operate a wireless smartphone, computer and other mobile devices, why should your lawn mower be any different? It’s basically another great way to mow your lawn. However, choosing the right one makes it harder, especially if you don’t have the right information. Here’s what you need to know about buying cordless lawn mowers.

The Battery of Cordless Mowers

Generally, the reason for a cordless lawn mower is the battery. With a powerful battery, you don’t have to drag a cord around when mowing your lawn. These lawn mowers use lead-acid or lithium ion batteries with very high voltage to make mowing easier. Therefore, the higher the voltage, the longer the motor runs which makes it easier to cut more grass. Of course, it’s prudent to choose a cordless lawn mower with a rechargeable battery.

A 20V is too weak for long permanent grass mowing. It would be good only for those with a tiny lawn and for touch ups. Most cordless mowers have 30-35 voltage which is much stronger and could support a decent lawn mowing project. But these might empty too soon, if the work gets a bit too long. The 40V mowers can run for longer time and still be powerful before the blades slow down.

An electric mower is more silent than the motor fuel operated. It is also environmental friendly, and does not pullout the air, like fuel mowers.

Self-Propelled Mower Or Push Mechanism

Electric cordless mowers have a push mechanism or work through self-propelling. The push mechanism allows you to power up the mower by going forward or backwards. The self-propelled model, on the other hand, has powered rear end wheels which drive the mower automatically forwards and backwards. Operating the self-propelled mower allows you to control the speed and direction of the lawn mower.

This is recommended for seniors, women or teens which may have less physical strength pushing the mower. The self propelled cordless mower will make the landscaping much easier. If you live in a sunny state and have quite a wide lawn there would be a lot of sense in getting a self propelled mower too. Instead of pushing it around on a hot summer day let it roll in front of you.

Cordless Mower Mulching Option

With cordless lawn mowers, you can mulch the clippings completely until they are chopped into finer pieces. Eventually, they decompose and enrich the soil for the rest of the grass. You also have the option of bagging the clippings to keep the lawn neater and cleaner. Of course, bagging might not be so efficient with cordless mowers but mulching is a much better option.

Wide Cutting Edge Mower

The amount of times you would be going back and forth on your lawn depends on the cutting edge of the mower. It would be wise to invest in a wide cutting edge mower, so on the overall you would be working less. Even a 2 inch difference means a few more round trips out on the grass when an average lawn is considered.

40V Cordless Mower

Cordless mower buyingOne of the powerful home mowers you can hope for. With 40V it has more strength to mow the lawn for longer periods of time and handle longer sessions.

A 20 inch wide cutting edge and TWO batteries which switch between them once one is getting low.

See what other customers think of this 40V mower.

Don’t give up on the bagging option, the mower should make your life easier not create a another job, collecting the debris and cleaning the lawn. With a simple bagging option you will have to work less and have more time for the fun stuff you like to do.

We hope these tips give you more direction before buying a cordless mower for your home.

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