Best Locations For Security Motion Lights At Your Yard


Placing Security Motion Lights At Backyard

Home motion detector lights systemEvery house is different, and the security needs of each person are different also. So there are many possible locations for placing security motion lights in order to help protect the home. The best way to know you are placing the home security lights in the right areas, is by investing some time in planning.

Motion detector lights are operated when they sense a movement in a certain angle in front of them. Placing them is not as obvious as one might think. Here are several tips and guidelines to help you secure your yard and house better, with motion detector lights.

Where To Install Motion Detector Lights

The first thing you should do, is go out at night and look around your yard. You need to figure out where are the “blind spots” around your house. These are areas which are pitch dark, or unseen from the main living rooms which intruders may use to get into your yard.

Prevent placing a motion detector lights where there are naturally moving objects. If for example you have a tree with swaying branches, the motion detector will pick up every branch movement and will go on every few seconds, which can be quite disturbing. Even a shade canopy or a sun umbrella or a garden shed door which is unlocked can cause the motion sensor to turn the lights on for no real reason.

Use Motion Detectors In Two Security Circles

Place motion sensor lights in two circles, an outer one, and an inner one. The outer circle will give you more time to check why the lights went on, and will keep an intruder further away from your windows or doors. The inner circle indicates someone is really close by, and when these light up, you should be more alert.

For example an outer circle detector can be placed across your yard so any movement on the lawn will make the lights turn on. This will allow you to peek out and see who or what is moving in your yard (it could be a cat or a squirrel too). An intruder who has been caught by the motion light while they are far away, and know they may have been detected would retreat.

The inner circle motion lights should be placed in a pattern so they DO NOT overlap. In this way once a light turns on, you know exactly the area in which the movement was detected. If there is an intruder in your yard, and he is moving around the house new lights will light up, so you can know exactly where they are.

If the motion detectors overlap each other, an intruder may be in one place but three lights would light up.

Guidelines Where to Install Security Sensor Lights

Install motion sensor lights security system for homePlace the beams so they would be in the face of the intruder and not in your face. If you place the lights facing your windows, when an intruder comes you will be deer in headlights instead of the intruder.

Place motion sensor lights in places you use at night, regardless of a security issue. A dark driveway lane, the 12 feet up to your door, the path from the kitchen door to the trash bins, the way from the patio to the garden shed. It is very convenient and adds safety that lights light up as you walk.

What To Do Now?

If you’re having someone install the security lights for you, then they will have input as to where the lights should be placed. After all, they are the professionals.

But, it’s not rocket science you can decide this yourself and install the lights yourself, saving you quite a bit of money.

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With low maintenance and easy self installation these will save you hundreds of dollars compared to bringing a professional security company.

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So when choosing locations for security motion lights, think about catching the intruder as far as possible, away from moving objects and placed in strategic dark locations.

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