Adding Water Repellent Protection To Patio Furniture


Keeping Patio Furniture Protected From Moisture and Rain

damp patio cushions furnitureThere are endless reasons for the patio furniture to get moist and wet. If you have forgotten to cover them before the first rain, or if your summer mist cooling system was dripping over them, or the sprinkler was off track and watered the patio instead of the lawn…

In all these cases the patio furniture would get soaked and damp. Even if it is an, with all weather cushions, still the damp fabrics will begin to develop funny odor and stains. There is no reason why a costly patio furniture should be ruined by sporadic events of getting wet.

The best tip would be to maintain a 100% prevention. Covering the outdoor sitting set with their water proof covered every time they are left out in the backyard. This will prevent sprinkler watering them or morning dew to get them damp. But covering the patio set every night is a hassle, there should be solutions to prevent the water from ruining your outdoor furniture without too much efforts invested by you.

Water Repellent Spray For Patio Furniture

There are solutions which are simple to apply and quite cheap to buy, which can assist you maintain the outdoor sitting set for longer periods of time. One of these overlooked solutions comes is a camping gear professional hikers take with them.

water repellent spray for patio furnitureA water repellent spray, was initially designed to be sprayed over tents and backpacks. But once you understand what it can do to tents, you will see it’s a perfect solutions to outdoor furniture too.

The spray is fast drying and easy to apply. Once it is dry it makes the fabric water resistant! This means you can apply it on any fabric of your outdoor sitting set, and the cushions would become ‘waterproof’. The water would run off the fabrics instead of absorbing into them.

This means you can spray this on your furniture and know they are protected from a sprinkler, rain, pool water splashing, morning dew or mist cooling system dripping on them. You can even spray the sun umbrella so it’s fabric would last longer.

This water repellent spray (see image) can help your patio furniture last years longer and look better. It has added solar protection to the water resistant formula.

Spraying the fabrics will add UV protection too, which will protect the furniture fabrics from sun fading. The bright colors and patterns would last longer when they have UV protection & water resistant protection too.


Do not neglect your patio furniture to be slowly decaying in the sun and rain. You probably invested quite a lot in them and they are serving you well. Keep them in better condition, by protecting them from sun and rain.

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