Adding Solar LED Lights To Patio Sitting Area


Adding Solar LED Lights To Patio Lounge

Most of the people who live in sunny areas, enjoy their patio during the days and during the evenings, when the heat fades away and cool breeze replaces the glaring sun. If you use your patio lounge area during the evenings, you may want to consider adding soft solar lights around you.

There are plenty of reasons why to add them, they are nice, soft, romantic, and do not raise your electricity bills. They add just enough light so you do not need to lite up the main lights, enough light so you can sit with your iPad or Kindle and enjoy a pleasant night, without being in total darkness.

Solar Lights On The Sun Umbrella

If you have a pool or a garden, and you live in sunny areas, then the patio chairs and table are under the sun umbrella. Solar lights are a perfect solution for the sun umbrella which may be moved around the pool because solar lights do not require a permanent connection to a power source.

Once you add the solar LED lights to your sun umbrella, you will enjoy soft twinkle lights which look like stars above your head. Depending on the size of your sun umbrella, the LED lights can create enough light to read under, or have a conversation or a late night coffee. Solar lights are not expensive you can get a long solar string from Amazon – Here.

Patio Umbrella with solar led lightsAssembling the solar LED lights is super easy, you only have to make sure the solar panel is on the top part of the canopy, so it gets direct sun light during the day.

Those who do not want any hassle of adding these lights can choose to buy a sun umbrella with LED lights embedded in it.

You need to remember to fold the patio umbrella when winter arrive and cover it to reduce weather elements from shortening it’s life span.

Add Solar Lights To Gazebo

Portable patio privacy panelsIf you are have a gazebo in your back yard, than you may probably have a permanent light under it, so it can be used at nights as well. But even if you do have a larger source of light, adding a solar LED string of lights to a gazebo is smart and effective.

For most cases only a minimum light is needed when sitting outside. If it’s a cold beer, or a nice conversation with friends, or just reading a book or watching a movie on a tablet. In evenings soft twinkle lights are better than one large source of light.

led light solar patioYou can add regular LED lights to the gazebo, if you have a permanent power close by. But it may require running cables and wires across the yard. Solar light string is a great solution for lighting up the gazebo. Attach the solar power panel to the top part and use plastic cuffs to fix the string where you want it.

Check here and order a few LED light strings for your patio.

You can decorate the gazebo with several strings, they each have an independent ON/OFF switch, so you can decide how the gazebo will look each evening. Or if you need less light only one string can be left on.

You may find that you spend more time when the patio is nicely lite by soft LED illumination.

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