Adding Christmas Decorations Fire Safety In Mind


Christmas Decorations Fire Safety

Christmas Green Garland stringChristmas is just around the corner and a lot of people are still decorating their homes for the holiday. However, what people need to know is they need to consider some very important points in regards to the Christmas decorations fire safety aspect.

Once people know about some of these points to consider, it will be easy for them to enjoy the holidays knowing the decorations they are putting out are not going to cause any harm on their home.

Fire Safety Tips For Christmas Decorations

Christmas light safetyThe first point that people need to consider is to turn the Christmas light decorations off if they are going anywhere. When people do this, they are going to cut off any of the electric that could cause any problems with the lights later on. However, this is also going to make it easier for people to save money on the electric bills during the Christmas holiday time frame.

Another tip is that though you may have electricity knowledge, most fire accidents happen from improvised wiring. For your best safety it is recommended to buy ready made light decorations (see image of LED light net mesh).

They are are professionally made and not expensive, comparing to the fire renovation expenses you might have to pay in case of a fire.

Electricity & Water Accidents

A second point that people need to consider with the Christmas decorations is how they are going to have them ran.

LED Solar light string ChristmasNormally people will be putting these on a tree, which is fine. However, people need to make sure they are getting the tree watered often enough or if the tree is artificial that they look at the wires of the lights to make sure it will not arc. Doing this will help improve the safety of the lights that are on the trees.

Solar LED Decoration is Safer

Using NEW solar light strings is another way to reduce the risk of fires. The LED light strings are using low energy solar power, so they do not need to be attached to the main power line. They are also weather proof, so you can place them on trees, as roof decorations, on hedges and bushes. They are safe even if it is raining! Click here for a safe 200 LED light decoration string.

Don’t think a fire isn’t a common risk, unfortunately it is, like this story of a Christmas decoration catching fire.

A house was almost burned completely to the ground after a faulty Christmas snowman burst into flames.

Hillary Russell is counting her blessings after escaping her property on the outskirts of Letterkenny.

She said: “I don’t want to even think about what could have happened.

“The sitting room is just off the conservatory and only for I was in there I might not have been so lucky.”

Hillary was relaxing on her sofa watching television when she noticed a burning smell. Read more.

As many people have found out Christmas is the time of year that the number of house fires tends to increase dramatically.

Paper Decorations For Tree

Decorating the tree and house for Christmas is fun, yet you must make sure that if you have paper ornaments or soft materials which may catch fire easily, you should make sure they are not places near heat bulbs.

It is worth to make sure that warm bulbs are not used on artificial trees, and near delicate decorations. If you have pets, as in cats.. they sometime fuss in and out of the tree and can get decorations to touch a hot bulb. So fix decorations in place, use a metal wire to hold every decor item in the pace where you think is safest.

Get a Small Smoke Detector

smoke detector christmas fireInvest in a small smoke detection device, these are low cost, battery operated, which is smart to have at home all year round, but especially during Christmas holidays. When your house is full of electric decorations, a fire is not unthinkable. If you do not have a smoke detector you can get this one (click image) which costs less than $40.

This would not be a problem for a lot of people, but they need to realize that with the Christmas decorations fire safety points being considered it will be easy for them to avoid any problems with their home being one of the ones that are shown on the news.

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