7 Tips How To Avoid Winter Pool Accidents


Avoid Backyard Pool Accidents During Winter

Winter hot tub cover for children safetyMillions of homes in the USA have back yard pools. These are part of the American way of luxury living and part of hot states lifestyles. But these pools have another aspect sometimes which is over looked. Each year there are thousands of children who get injured, drown or killed at back yard pool accidents. Some of these accidents occur at winter and not during regular ‘pool season’.

Some of the accidents happen in the pool water, other happen at the sides of the pool, and some accidents are associated with the pool maintenance. Luckily most of the accidents can be avoided, with some careful planning and purchasing safety accessories many of the children could have been safe or alive today.

Avoiding Residential Winter Pool Drowning

Many children die in the US from drowning in their back yard pool. There are a few safety measures you should conciser to reduce this risk or eliminate it completely. Winter accidents happen when adults overlook the fact that the pool is still full. These happen at the end of the season, and in places where the pool stay full all year round.

  • Never leave children near or around the pool unattended! Not even for a minute!
  • Teach children to swim at a young age, and never leave them unattended!
  • (Summer tip) Before you settle around the pool make sure you have everything you need (like your phone.. so you do not have to leave them to bring it when it rings).

Pool Safety Items You MUST Think Of Purchasing

Pool safety accessories can save life! They save life when you least expect it. They are useful in the summer as they are in the winter, though during cold winter month, your natural alertness may be lower, it is exactly in these month when they should be used.

  • Pool safety fence for winterMake sure your residential pool has a 360 degree safety fence (check more on  pool safety fence here), which is 4 foot tall (or more) so kids can’t mange to get to the pool when unnoticed. When you have a pool safety fence, you can know that small kids can’t climb it. Don’t pile covered patio chairs and other stuff close to the fence, kids climb on everything!
  • Pool security safet camerasAdd pool safety cameras! These cameras can be operated remotely and give indication when a child goes alone to the back yard or near the pool. Some even have a mobile add which mean the pool can be monitored from your mobile. You will need these in the winter when your focus is not on the back yard, and most of the patio doors and windows are shut. Check – Best selling system on Amazon.
  • Children's pool safety systemPool alarms – These alarms are operated by a sensor which indicates when someone falls into the water. They have a remote alarm unit which goes in house and beeps if the water level raised (someone fell in the pool). These too are recommended in the winter when the back door and windows are sealed and the chance you will hear a kid falling into the pool is very low. This is the best selling pool guard system at Amazon.
  • Remove decoration lights and electricity from the pool side. There may be Halloween lights decorations and Christmas lights. Kids may pull wires close to the pool and and risk getting electrified.
  • In-Ground Winter Pool CoverMake sure you have proper pool covers! During winter when the pool is not in use, a pool cover will prevent accidental falls into the water. It is true for children and for house pets. Make sure the pool cover is tight and fixed from all sides. Kids are curious, if they see and hole they will search and try to go through it.
  • Thickest hot tub cover for winterLock hot tubs – One of the most distressing pool accidents during winter is children drowning at hot tubs. These home jacuzzi tubs or inflatable hot tubs are less protected then in-ground pools, and they have steps for easy access. Pool alarms which are floating could be another way to secure the hot tub and alert you if someone falls in. Thick hot tub cover is a recommended way to block children from falling in.

Winter pool accidents are just as fatal as summer ones. Unless the pool is emptied during the cold season, the risk for children in and around it are similar.

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