5 Tips You Must Know – Protecting BBQ Grills at Winter


Protecting Your Outdoor Grill From Rainy Weather

Winter cover for outdoor grill BBQIt doesn’t matter if you have a Coleman or a Weber grill, no grill is durable to stand winter weather. When it comes to grill protection from weather it’s for and foremost for safety reasons. All weather conditions can cause some damage to your outdoor grill. This damage might catch you by surprise a few years later when a disaster might happen and a grill may go in flames!

Read carefully how to protect your grill from rainy weather to keep it safe for the nice summer BBQ parties you plan ahead.


Step One – Clean The Grill Before Storage

You must prepare he grill for the winter storage. Cleaning the grill, the side plates and the valves. Make sure there are no food residue left. Take each part and clean it with a damp cloth. Then dry each part so when it is stored it does not get rusty or damp.

Cover all metal parts with a oil spray cover (check manufacturer manual). Especially if the grill will be covered and left outside. Spray the wheels and all the joints and moving parts.

Step Two – Detach Propane Tanks

To ensure no accidental hazards occur you must detach the BBQ propane tanks. This is twice important if you store the grill indoors for the winter. Unless you live in areas which has extreme winter weather – extra low freezing temperatures, BBQ propane tanks should be stored outside. There is always a risk for pressure building up inside due to gas leakage in closed places.

Step Three  РCover Gas Line Opening

Cover all gas line opening with a plastic bag, to avoid dampness and insects to crawl and live inside. Cover all the valves on both ends of the grill, it will help it live longer. Moisture and dampness can rust and defect pipes and opening.

Step Four – Cover Your Grill With Covers

BBQ grill cover outdoor coverIt is important to cover the grill with an outdoor cover if the grill will be left outside. If the grill will be stored inside, a cover is also recommended, but it doesn’t have to be a durable sturdy cover.

An all weather cover is essential when storing an outdoor grill for the winter. Rain, snow, frost and all the rest can cause the grill to be opened in the spring and look 5 years older. These weather defects are hard to clean and weather defects are usually not covered by warranty.

Check Amazon price & shipping for Protective cover for cart-style barbecues up to 58-inch wide.

Get the best cover to match the place you live. Cold wet weather states require a grill cover more durable than a thin UV protection cover.

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