#5 Ideas For Romantic Lights For Your Patio Or Yard


5 Romantic Lights Ideas For The Patio

romantic remote candlesIf you were in the bedroom which light would be most romantic for you? Candle light? soft white light? a back light unseen? a red light? You can create the same effect of romantic lights in your patio or back yard. Where ever you like to cuddle with your partner add some romantic flare.

When you want to bring your partner in to “the mood”.. close all the bright lights and TURN ON the romantic lights, they will do the rest.

For example this set of nine soft light/candle with remote control, turn the lights up or down at your will without leaving your cuddle. Get them Here. Place them in the corners or behind the patio furniture and lit them when the moment is right.

Here are simple not expensive ways to landscape your lights and create an atmosphere lights for a cuddle.

solar light romanticSolar Lights – They are the least expensive and when placed at the right places, their dim light is wonderful. You can place them on trees and behind vegetation, so they just sparkle. They get sun light all day and light up on their own at night.

Strings of solar lights in your garden or wrapped around the porch in your patio give a soft romantic light to sit by. If you have a swing bench for two, these lights can be wrapped around the swing poles. Because it’s power source free you just need to fix the solar panel in place which will get sunlight during the day. The sun will do the rest.

Get here solar lights for your garden.

candle jars for garden patio

Candle jars – The next romantic idea for your patio is placing candle jars around the patio. then when the mood strikes just light them all. Candle lights are always romantic. If you decorate the jars with red color, the romantic lights will turn to red dots of light!

You can buy candle jars with strings prepared for hanging. You can place them on tree branches. They will not only spread soft candle light but they will swing tenderly in the evening breeze.

Click here for a set of outdoor mason jars.


romantic wax paper lightsWaxed paper lantern – Waxed paper lantern are very romantic because the wax paper covers the direct light, and the light is decorated sending beautiful shadows.

Add some silhouette of hearts and twinkle stars to add magic to your romantic decoration.You can place a candle jar inside a wax paper lantern or a solar light.

If you have a pool you can take these to a higher level and add floating lights! Lotus love! Get lotus love lights here.

Cupcake lights – You can add cupcakes holders to any string of lights, solar or regular, and they will get a new personality, adding a unique on of a kind mesh of colors and designs to your back yard.

Note that these require to be placed one by one, without the paper touching the bulb inside. They also need to be out of the rain. But for sweet summer night on the patio they will work just fine! If you are throwing a party these will impress your guests. Get 300 colored cupcakes for light string.

31ttfB-AjlLSolar-powered chandelier – As you may have noticed we are great supporters of solar lights! They are safe and environmental friendly. Instead of the solar light strings another way to add romantic look and feel to your patio is adding a solar-powered chandelier.

Like in the bedroom a chandelier added the romantic touch no modern light instillation has. They will light up at night, and fill your garden with Victorian lust. Just get a romantic chandelier and place the solar cups instead of the candles and there you go. Get a chandelier like in the picture here.

Don’t under estimate the effect of lights, if too bright they will get you out of the mood, if too dull they will turn off any mood. Adding them as extra lights is the best way to enjoy them when they are needed.


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