5 Easy Christmas Decoration Ideas For Yard & Garden


5 Ways To Decorate For Christmas Easily

When it comes to decorating for Christmas, some people don’t have all day to create the ‘perfect’ decoration theme. But there are some simple easy to install elements which can elevate any yard or home decoration in minutes. Here are some easy Christmas decorations ideas you can put up in a few minutes and get a happy holiday atmosphere around your house.

1. Easy Christmas Pathway Markers

Pathway decoration christmasThese are super easy and super fast decorations which will color your whole front yard and driveway.

You get the set which is made of decorative all weather plastic images, and stakes, you attach to each stake a marker and just press them into the snow or lawn at the sides of your pathway.

If you have along driveway, you can add them only on one side, or on two sides with more space between them.

There are snowmen markers and Christmas present boxes markers¬† click the ‘shop now’ text on the image and check which of them is best for you.

2. Christmas Fence Topper 5 Min’ Decoration

Christmas Fence TopperAnother fast no hassle decoration is the fence toppers. These are fun and colorful and you will find several holiday theme ideas at Amazon. The idea is to add a decorative element at places where they are less expected. By this you grab the visitor or kids attention and make them smile.

Click here for THIS no hassle decoration.

One of our favorite fence toppers is the Rodolph and Santa/Snowman showing their head over the fence. They have two hands holding the fence as if they are peeking into your yard. They can be placed facing outward, so that they are looking at those who walk by your place, or inward so they are peeking at those who are at the back yard.

3. Hanging From Gutter Santa Decoration

Hanging Santa DeocrationAdding this decoration is also fast and easy. With no instantiation wires or electricity needed. Like the fence topper, the idea for elevating a decoration is to add it at areas which are usually less in focus. Once the eye sees the decoration it has a greater effect, due to the surprise even if the element itself isn’t large or expensive.

Click here to get your ‘Hanging Santa’.

The hanging Santa does not have to be placed on the gutter, it can be located on a tree, a porch roof, the garage top, or hanging out from one of the front windows.

The whole idea is that the red clothes and the hanging position will remind everyone that Santa is real and may be just on his way to bring the kids their presents!

4. Santa Splat Tree Wrap Decoration

Santa Tree Wrap SplatAnother super fast and no hassle decoration are the tree wrap decorations. These are fun and funny for those who have a few trees on their front yard. The decoration is wrapped around the tree trunk and can be seen as if Santa was speeding and splatted on your tree.

Get It Here: Santa Tree Splat Decoration

Some of the customers at Amazon have added in their product review they placed the Santa Splat on the front of their SUV.. getting lots of smiling faces from other drivers..

You can think of more original locations where the position and the imagination will do the rest.

5. Inflatable Santa Decoration

Inflatable Santa DeocrationThese are new decorations which are super easy to install. They are SELF INFLATING, which means they are a push button instant decor. The main advantage is that the inflating airblown Santa is LARGE. This can be placed on the roof, the gutter, the porch or patio. It can not be ignored and will be seen from far away.

Click here to get a self inflating Santa Decoration.

The instant self inflation will send dense air pressure until it’s fully blown and ready, once you are done, you can deflate it and store it flat until next year.

If you have such a large Christmas decorative element, you do not need to add too many light strings and other decorations unless you want to.

Merry Christmas

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