400 vs 700 vs 1500 Watt Fog Machines Compared +Video


400 vs 700 vs 1500 Watt Fog Machines

Fog Effects For HalloweenIf you are looking to add some fog to your Halloween yard decoration, you may have see that there are different types of fog machines and they each have different Watt level. What does this Watt level mean and how dies the smoke they produce is different.

In this post we will try and add some information to help you choose the Halloween fog machine which will be best for your Halloween decoration needs.

There are several parameters to compare fog machines by:

  • Watt
  • CFM
  • Fog Distance
  • Fog Juice Container

Watt is the electric power they require, which implements on their heat factor. Fog machines need to heat up to produce the fog from the juice. Higher Watt means faster heating time and shorter reheating breaks.

CFM means Cubic Feet per Minute. This rate is quite general because there is no standard for measuring coverage of cubic feet of fog… But we need to trust the manufacturers and their CFM is another base for comparison.

Fog Distance – How fat the machine can blow the fog. Higher Watt means stronger blower, which will allow the machine to be further away from the Halloween props or stage depending on your needs.

Larger juice container means the fog machine will be able to work continuously without refilling.

Check here three fog machines in action – 400 Watt, 800 Watt and 1500 Watt

400 Watt Fog Machines Compact & Cheap

400 watt fog machine for halloweenThe most common fog machine you can buy online is the small 400 Watt fog machine, these can create a haze for your front yard, and a mist of haunted atmosphere to any decorated garden. Small 400 Watt fog machines can be placed near animated props to cover them with the foggy surroundings they need to scare people who approach them.

400 Watt fog machines are not expensive you can get them at Amazon for $40-$50.

Smaller fog machines need more reheating time, which means their resting time between fogs is longer. Plus smaller fog machines have a smaller fog juice container (0.9 ML) which means they need to be refueled every few minutes. They have 1500-2000 cubic feet per minute of fog.

700 Watt Fog Machines Thick Fog For Larger Coverage

700 watt fog machine for halloweenThe second most popular fog machines are those which are 700-800 Watt. They have more power and their fog juice container is larger and they can produce thicker fog for longer periods of time.

Their reheating downtime are shorter than the 400 Watt machines because they sustain their heat for longer use. But even the 700 Watt systems will need breaks to heat up again. So the smoke will not flow endlessly. Their juice container is 1000 ML-1.5ML (0.25 gallon – 0.33 Gallon) and they can produce 2000-3000 cubic feet of fog per minute.

You can find 700 Watt fog machines which cost between $60-$70, the one in the image is Amazon best selling 700 Watt fog machine, selling for $45.

These systems will be great for any front yard, or large house which needs to be puffed and covered with haunted mist for Halloween. For those who have their front yard decorated as a graveyard, or need to cover more than a specific location in their garden with fog.

1000 – 1500 Watt Professional Fog Machines

1500 watt fog machine for halloweenThese are more than the average house needs. They are more professional any sturdy than most of us require. Their CFM 3500 – 4500 cubic feet of fog per minute means lots of fog!! The machines get warm and sustain their heat needed for longer periods of time so they can run without stopping for many minutes, covering more and more area with thick fog.

Here is 1Byone Fog Machine 1500 Watt 4000CFM 3.5 Meters Output Distance 1.3L Tank Capacity With Wired Control Fog Machine.

These 1000 Watt or 1500 Watt fog machines are used at shows to produce a fog screen for lasers and to cover stage with. If you have a large front yard and placed some Halloween props all around the yard, and wish to create a total haze day or night, than the professional 1000-1500 Watt are for you.

Fog Fluid

For all fog machines you will need plenty of fog fluid, here is a low cost gallon of juice from Amazon.

Have a happy foggy Halloween!


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