4 Halloween Garage Door Decoration Ideas


Garage Door Decoration Ideas For Halloween

Decorating for Halloween is fun. Most people don’t go all out like they do with the Christmas lights, but they do like to put up some nice fall and Halloween decorations before the winter months are in full swing. Halloween is fast approaching, and what Halloween garage door decoration ideas do you have for your home this year?

Black Silhouettes For Driveway Door

garage door halloween decorationSilhouettes are always a nice touch! Have you done those before? Their main advantage is that they can be seen clearly from the driveway and front of the house.

Get this weatherproof decoration of zombie arms pounding inside your garage.

If your garage door is white a black silhouette will be seen from across the street and by any passing car. Another advantage is that these are very easily to add. If they are stickers than it’s just stick’em.

Hanging Decor Added To Garage Door

black silhouettes halloween 1You can get black silhouettes which are sold for hanging (like bats, cats, witches or spiders) and you can add them with a masking tape to the garage door.

Create a scene of Hitchcock crows or bats flying all over. If your garage door is dark color, there are also spooky white ghosts you can add and the same contrast effect will be seen.

If you do a quick search, you’ll be presented with tons of different ideas for Halloween garage door decoration ideas.

Click here for a pack of black Halloween theme silhouettes.

Maybe you want to keep it simple and just do pumpkins on each side that are lit up. Of course you can always go further by realizing that your garage door truly does present to you a huge canvas for decorative purposes.

Ready Made Garage Door Sticker For Halloween

garage door halloween billboardThere are also ready made freaky scene images which can be added to the garage door. The high quality ones will have all the latches needed to stretch the image on the garage door and not to interfere with the opening and closing motion, so you can still use the garage to park your car.

See here more high quality mind blowing billboards designs.

You’ve surely driven by and seen different types of garage door decorations during Halloween before. You might have even done it before, but of course you’re wanting to try something new.

Solar Lights Decor For Garage Door

Solar light decoration for halloweenYou can mount black lights or another type of lighting, you can string up orange lights, and you can use all kinds of different decorations. The advantage of using solar lights decor and props is that there are no wires and cables to the electricity. So the garage door can still go up and down without worrying of cables pulled.

Adding blinking solar lights cat or solar illuminated spider and web can create a whole new dimension for Halloween garage door.

Peel The Decorations Once Halloween Is Over

One thing I want to caution you about is to make sure you don’t put anything up that is going to ruin the surface of your garage door. The Halloween stickers are great, but you should not leave them on the garage door for the whole year. They may eventually dry and leave different color marks and spots all over the door.

Even if you use magnets which do not leave stains, it is not recommended to leave the them the whole year, due to the UV at summer. UV may fade the color and leave silhouettes of the magnets on the color surrounding it.

So once the holiday has passed return the garage door to it’s previous condition. You may anyway want to redecorate it again at Christmas, and spooky bats and black cats are not a common Christmas decor.

Take a look at some pictures to get your creative juices going, and you’ll be ready to decorate in no time. It’s time for Halloween!

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