4 Best Halloween Door Decorations Ideas


4 Door Decorating Ideas For Halloween

At the eve of Halloween children and parents will be knocking at your door asking for trick or treat. They will be passing each front yard and will enjoy all the creative decorations. You can add just one more decoration to this holiday and that’s a scary door decoration. If they want the treat or offer the trick, they will have to knock on your door!

There are plenty of Halloween themes door decorations, we will give you here a few ideas just to get you going. You will find many more decoration ideas at Amazon which will help you complete your overall house decoration.

Danger–Contaminated Area–Enter at your own risk

Contaminated Area Halloween Door decorationThis is a header banner for any door at your home. It can be a part of a Halloween “Ebola” scene with zombies and other warning signs, bones, skulls and warnings. It is great for indoors but can be placed also at the front door, welcoming the kids with a Contaminated Area warning…

You can get this Danger–Contaminated Area–Enter at your own risk Halloween door decor here.




Zombie Door Cover Decoration

Zombies Door cover for halloweenThe zombie cover is a full door cover for any indoor or outdoor entrance. Your visitors will face a dead zombies crashing toward them breaking the door panels viciously. This is a great door cover for Halloween party, and not so recommended if there are toddlers and young kids at home.

If you like this kind of door idea you can get the zombie door cover here.




 Creepy Spooky Nets Door Decor

Spooky cloth for fence decorationThis is a nice decor which can fit to any theme party for Halloween. A witch net, a spooky spider den, a zombie party, Dracula blood fest this spooky cloth is a versatile decoration. Easy to attach to any door or entrance, it can cover unattended areas in your yard or home, and create a creepy atmosphere in an instant.

The Creepy Spooky Cloth is one of the best selling decoration items at Amazon.


Do NOT Enter Door Cover

Do No Enter Door cover for halloweenThe “Do Not Enter” door cover is a great prop for Halloween party or to greet the kids coming for trick or treat. The scary heavy door with the cell window and the creepy monster peeking, is a fun way to welcome party guests and friends.

Heavy chains locks and bolts will turn your house door into a haunted house in no time. The bloody sign “Do Not Enter” are a cool way to invite people inside.

Check here for this “Do Not Enter” door cover.



There are plenty more of door decorations, from pumpkins and cute ghosts. But a real door cover is more awesome than the rest, it’s a load way to say “WELCOME” and get your guests smiling as they enter.

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