4 Of The Best Yard Security Lighting Tips


Get The Best Yard Security Lighting Tips

home security lights system sensorOutdoor security lighting can be a great way to deter trespassers and intruders from your property. With that in mind, featured below are four of the best yard security lighting tips around.

When you have a large yard or garden, just setting a patch of light to illuminate the center of the yard, is not very effective. You need to think what do you expect the lights to do? Prevent intruders by keeping the premises illuminated? or turn on a flash of light as they step into your yard or jump over the fence?

Go around your yard at night and try to think like a burglar, where do you see a dark spot between trees, a shaded area behind a shed, a dark drive through lane. In each of these areas you should add a security light system.

Other areas should be areas in which you use daily like the doorway path or a kitchen door alley. It would be wise to add lights to these areas too.

How To Get The Best From Lights Security

1. Make sure that you purchase bright lights. There is nothing worse than spending a large amount of money on a security light that barely illuminates an area of hundred square centimeters. The lux & lumens rating should tell you how bright a particular bulb is, so look out for it when shopping. Lumens is “a measure of the total amount of visible light emitted by a source” (Wikipedia). Lux is measuring the amount of light on a specific area. So a 100 Lumens may be a lot of light for a small room, but not enough to light a stadium.

This means you need to check the home security lights you are buying that they have a high lumen rate and it’s relative to the area you are planning the light to cover.

Mr Beams lights security system for home2. Opt for mains-powered lights instead of battery-powered lights. While battery-powered lights can be more convenient in the sense that you don’t have to run power cables to the lights themselves, battery-powered lights will need their batteries changed almost every few weeks and such a task can be a huge inconvenience to a homeowner.

It is worth to know that the new LED security lights which are battery operated can last up to a year between changes as long as they are connected to a motion detector and not operate continuously.

3. Choose LED lights as such lights use far less energy than conventional incandescent bulbs. Enhancing the security of your property should not mean that you have to pay an extra dollars every month to your electricity supplier.

If you have large areas to illuminate like farms and rural areas sometimes have, then a LED light system may not be enough. You may need powerful light projectors to light large areas, these can not be battery operated systems.

4. Manually switching lights on after sunset can soon become tedious, so opt for security lights that have a sunlight sensors. Such lights will automatically turn on when the levels of sunlight drop below a certain threshold. You could also consider buying lights that have motion sensors, so they only turn on if an intruder is detected on the grounds of your property.

The four best yard security lighting tips presented above should help you to make an informed decision the next time you go shopping for devices to improve your home’s security.

Mr Beams lights security system

Mr Beams lights security MB393One of the best affordable systems you can get for your home is the Mr Beams lights security system. These are a set of lights which are very bright, 300-Lumen, which can operate in any weather.

The Mr Beams systems have an internal motion sensor which turns on a bright light when ever it detects a movement in the “kill zone”. The lights are battery operated and the battery can last for a year until it require a replacement.

Click here to get the discount deal at Amazon for the 3-pack MB393 home lights security system. No technical knowledge needed for instillation.

You can look for a hundreds of dollar systems but for most homes a 3 pack or 6 pack of the MB393 would cover all the necessary areas.

Home Security Lights Conclusion

Keep in mind that it is often worth spending a little bit more money in order to obtain a quality product, which will continue to work for years to come. When it comes to personal security for you or your family, a few extra bucks are a wise investment.

Mr Beams are one of the best selling security lights, and one of the most highly rated by customers. Click here to get a budget deal for the 3-pack Mr Beams MB393.

Most of the burglars or intruders collect some kind of information prior to their break in. Once they learn you have a light security system, it may discourage most of them from even trying to break in.

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