3 Top Horror Halloween Animated Props You Can Buy


Horror Animated Props For Halloween

For those who love horror movies Halloween is a one time festival of pure joy! Its a time where horror movie fans can express their inner desires to scare people, to create their own scary scenes, and be for a few days a Hollywood prop master.

If you have a tech skills you may want to build your own animated horror figures, make them scream, splash blood, rotate, jerk, jump, glow and moan. But most of us just want to scare our friends and neighbors and want a ready made prop.

Horror fans want the ‘real thing’ not sweet cute ghost or grinning pumpkins. There are some professional horror props one can get online. They do require some investment, but since they are professional this investment will be for many years. These animated props (also called animatronics) can be used for Halloween parties, front yard decoration, and for indoor pranks.

They are all moving, talking, moaning, shouting. All of these have high rates from other Amazon customers who bought these animates props to scare their friends.

Limbless Libby Halloween Animated Decor

Libby has no legs, she is stuck on her crunches! Eyes light, moans and groans in pain, with here missing legs and bloody shirt! She can be great for indoor pranks, or as a welcome host for annoying children coming to get treats..

Limbless Libby Halloween Animated Decor

Some will want to skip your doorstep, when they see Libby limbless figure moving from side to side.

Corn Stalker Animated Decoration

Angry corn stalker, vicious face and horrible scary grin. It is tall and scary, very frightening for young children. Stands an imposing 7’6″ tall! (228.6cm)!!

animatronics halloween prop 2014The large full size animated corn stalker can not be passed unnoticed. If you use it inside your house or garage, and send some guest to meet it in the dark, get ready to call an ambulance! This prop can knock a scary guest of it’s feet.

Rocking Moldy Mommy With Baby

This animated Halloween prop is slightly different than the rest, because it does not scream or flare. The rocking mom is a creepy moldy figure holding a corpse of a baby in her arms and is rocking back and forth. If it is placed on a rocking chair at the front yard, it will rock the chair all night long!

scary halloween animatronic decoration

The rocking moldy mommy speaks in a scary low voice, talking to her dead baby in her arms. The low voice is soft and scary!! Note that the rocking chair is not included.


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