3 Sensors To Prevent Child Drowning At Back Yard Pool


Minimize The Risk Of Child Drowning in Yard Pool

One of the most horrible tragedies which can occur to parents is losing a child. Children drowning at home is the number one cause for death in domestic accidents. Thousands of children and toddlers die each year throughout the country due to drowning.  In may cases the parents were near by, or at home when the toddler slipped away and reach the pool. These accidents can be prevented, and it can be done quite easily.

Pool side fence for child safetyThere are some safety measures which can prevent a kid to get near a pool without parental guidance. The first and foremost is a safety fence around the pool area, which closes the pool for free access of children.

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But a fence alone is not a hermetic solution. Gates can be left open, kids can climb over railings and fences. In order to minimize the risk for child drowning in your yard pool here are three safety sensors which will help you succeed.

Patio Door Alarms

Patio door alarms can be used not to detect someone breaking in, but to indicate ‘someone’ which is getting out. As a parent we know we do lots of house jobs when the child are playing or sleeping. Many parents work from home while the kid is an another room watching TV or on the computer. When a parent hears the patio door alarm goes off, they immediately know that the toddler has went out to the back yard! This should cause any parent to leave everything else and bring the kid back home.

This sensor can prevent the kids from roaming outside without the parents even knowing they are out. These sensors are easy to install and usually do not cost more than a few bucks which are very worth it.

Motion Detection Light or Alarm

pool safety motion alarmThe second sensor alarm would be a motion detector, which should be placed facing the pool entrance. It would give you an indication when anyone is approaching the pool. If you have a kid at home, a siren should be heard, because when kids drown they do it silently! They fall in and sink, many do not splash or make any other noise.

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If you have kid and a pool, this motion detector can be connected to your phone, so you get a visual indication too. So you know when it’s the cat and when it’s your child who is close to the pool area.

Water Level Pool Alarm

Children's pool safety systemThe last line of defense to prevent your baby from drowning at home, would be a pool alarm. These are located on the side of the pool or as a floating device, and once the water surface are moving due to someone falling in, a siren would be heard.

You must have this last line of sensor on the poolside! Click here to get this or similar unit for your pool.

These pool alarms have a home base unit which will indicate inside the house that something has happened in the pool outside.

These sensors are not a replacement for parental supervision.

If you have a pool at home and suddenly do not see where you child is, the FIRST place you should be looking is the POOL. When a child falls into the pool every second counts.

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