3 Columbus Day Decoration Ideas For Your Yard


Columbus Day Decoration Ideas

columbus day parade NYC

Columbus Day parade NYC

It happened more than 523 years ago, a fleet of three ships (the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria) sailed out to find a new way to reach India from Europe. The captain of these ships was Christopher Columbus. He arrived to the shores and thought he did find India. He was the first European to officially discover America. Why officially? Because it is now known that the Vikings had landed in Newfoundland and northern USA and Canada 500 years earlier at around year 1000 AD.

Columbus name was engraved into history as the first man to find the Americas and since then it is a custom to celebrate the Columbus Day as a federal holiday. All government offices would be closed but the private sector is usually open. The events celebrated in New York and San Francisco are large and colorful street parades. There are plenty of parties held around the country celebrating the Columbus Day! The people of Hawaii call the Columbus Day as Landing Day or Discoverer’s Day.

What kind of decorations are suitable for Columbus Day?

The most common decorations are the Red-White and Blue strips or Red White and Green strips of the Italian communities.

columbus day decor outdoor columbus day decoration for yardClick here and get these Columbus Day outdoor decorations.

Christopher Columbus Cardboard Cutout Standee

One unique outdoor decoration you can add to your porch or front doorway, is a full size standing Christopher Columbus cutout. If you add this decor at any other day, there is doubt any one will recognize him, but at Columbus Day, they all will.

Christopher Columbus Cardboard Cutout StandeeClick here and order from Amazon a 75 inch tall Christopher Columbus cutout. This could be also perfect for school class decoration or corridor decor for kindergarten or preschool.

LED Light Strip Rope

blue LED light wireA colorful LED light cable which can be used to light up the front yard, around the windows is a useful decor accessory in every house. The colors you lite can be varied depending on the holiday, for example it would be green and red at Christmas but Blue Red and White at Columbus Day and at 4th of July.

Click here and get any color of this flexible illuminating LED wire light.

Easy to maintain and nothing to do, just plug and play and the front of your house is colorfully lite and decorated. If you add a Christopher Columbus cutout, framing it with LED lights will make it noticeable at night as well.

Keep the tradition of celebrating the day the Americas were discovered. Without this day, we would not be were we are. Happy Columbus Day!

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