3 Christmas Roof Decoration Ideas


Roof Decoration Ideas For Christmas

There are several ideas for Christmas roof decorations. They will require some basic instillation and know how. Make sure you are careful when going up a ladder, and handling things way up in the gutter or roof top. The roof decoration can be the main front yard decoration for Christmas.

1. Christmas Lights House Illumination

LED Solar light string ChristmasThe most basic thing you can do to decorate the roof for Christmas is to add a long string of lights which will run along the outer contour. This is the most classic decoration, and is always the most impressive. The house is lite by night and a colorful string of lights is framing the roof and the main lines of the house.

In order to do that, you will need some 50-70 feet of light strings, which can be plugged to one another or to be placed as stand alone.

To save you the hassle of wires and electricity, you may want to get a solar string, which are very popular today. Check here for a 200 LED light string.

You just need to fix the solar panel facing the sun and the string will illuminate at night. There are multicolor strings and single color strings which you can combine to create a colorful effect yourself.

2. Multi-Colored Icicle Roof Lights

Christmas Icicle Lights RoofOne of the nicest Christmas decorations is covering the roof edge or gutter to a frozen illuminated arctic. The Icicle String Lights can be added anywhere on the roof, and can be plugged to one another to extend it’s length.

The colorful icicles add a charming frozen effect, and have a greater value compared to a regular light string. Click here to get the Christmas Icicle Lights String.

The 3D decoration, with the lights adds magic to any roof. You do not have to be in Minnesota to have a string of icicles running from your roof.

3. Inflatable Santa Decoration

Inflatable Santa DeocrationThis decoration idea is perfect for those who want an instant decor with no hassle. The inflatable Santa is quite large and will be seen from anywhere.

The decor is self inflating in a few seconds, and at 6 feet tall it can be placed hanging from a roof top, a porch roof or from a second floor window. If you have some climbing skills and tools, you can place the prop at the middle of the roof or around the chimney.

Check here for an Inflatable Santa Roof Decoration.

Once the holiday is over the airblown Santa can be deflated and stored in a flat storage.

4. Roof’s Light Mesh Net

Christmas light mesh for roofWhen looking at a house at night, the roof will usually look dark and grumpy. Adding light strings to the roof, is easy if you are attaching the strings along the gutter and the downspouts. But covering the roof with light strings can be a difficult task, or even a dangerous one if the roof is wet or slippery.

The best solution for covering the roof with colorful light illumination, is by using a ready made light string mesh. The light mesh net comes in large 4.5 meter X 1.6 meter (15 ft X 5 ft) which means it can cover easily large parts you want to decorate. Click here to see the two lights mesh colors.

It has bright lights and a flash mode which can turn the mesh sequence to different light formations. Though the outer mesh and lights are waterproof, the power line is not and you should supply the electricity from indoors only.

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