3 BEST Blow Up (Air Inflated) Popup Halloween Decorations


Best Popup Halloween Outdoor Decorations

popup Halloween Inflatable Grim Reaper on MotorcycleThere are many options for Halloween yard decorations, but not as many of them are as fun and easy to use as the popup air inflated decoration props. These are the best Halloween decors for children, because:

  • They are large!
  • They are very colorful!
  • They have lights!
  • They are moving! (Animated)
  • They are not too scary!

Children love these animated blow up props! Just plug into the electricity and they self inflate, air filled, rising tall, ready to use. Parents will love them because there is no hassle in the decoration of the front yard. They are not horrible and bloody scary in a way that kids will not sleep at night, they are joyful, and wicked in a way children adore.

To help you choose your preferred blow up animated Halloween decor, we looked for videos which show each item, so you now what to expect. Some of the videos are home made videos and you can see the delight of the children when these popup decorations come to life!

The Haunted Carriage Airblown Prop

This is a great Halloween decoration idea for the front yard, or for the back yard. The blow up prop can be used indoor or outdoor, and once the holiday is over, easy to deflate and store until next year.

This gets a lot of admiring cries from the small ones, and is great for all weather! You can get this Riding Devil Popup Animated Decor from Amazon.


Large Haunted Ghost Tree Which Also Shakes

This is less scary than the Dracula vampire rising from a coffin. The blow up tree grows in to full size really fast, and the animated mechanics gives the tree branches a shiver and shake!

Airblown Inflatable - Halloween Animated Black Haunted Tree Ghosts Shakes

Look at the delight of the kids once it is inflated. The toddler is a bit careful but his older brother is very excited. And so is the mom which in 20 seconds got her front yard decorated for Halloween! There are several blow up inflatable haunted ghost trees like this at Amazon, you can find which of them suits you best. They differ by size and design.


Animated Air Blown Cat with Moving Head

This is more spooky than the haunted ghost tree, it is a perfect idea for a front yard decoration, or a porch decor.

Animated Air Blown Cat with Moving HeadYou can add cats eyes window cling decorations, which will help the black cat animated decoration to fit into an overall designed house theme.


For best effect add Halloween props around the inflatable popup decor to create a designed scene. For example adding witches hats, bats, cobweb, fog machine and everything which will help build up a fun Halloween scene.


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