2 Shockingly Realistic Halloween Decorations Ideas


Realistic Front Yard Halloween Decorations Ideas

Some people use Halloween to create the most realistic shocking decorations. Decorations which may cause a person to call the police! Some decorations are so realistic people do not know whether they are looking at a Halloween decoration or a crime scene.

Here are two ideas which can help you get going and create your own home realistic scene. For all the scenes it’s the quality of the props you use and the design of the scene which makes the decoration a real winner!

The Hanged Body Halloween Scene

Scary Halloween Hanged Man Decoration For YardThis is a scary scene because it can happen, and it DID happen a few years ago. When a woman committed suicide by hanging herself from a tree branch. By passers and neighbors driving by thought her body was a Halloween prop, and the police got a notice only half a day since the body was first seen.

You can create a hanged body scene by making your own dummy hanged man prop. There are full life size body figures found at Amazon. You need to get one of them and add clothes and wig to the body, before you leave it hanged from a tree.

If you do not want the mess of creating and dressing a figure, you can get a full scale hanging man figure with a bloody stained overall (see image). It will be even more shocking if the body is not presented upfront, but in a darker shaded area. Were people driving by will not be sure if the saw what they think they SAW.


The Realistic Crime Scene Effect

Another way to create a realistic Halloween decoration, is to add police crime scene tapes around your decoration. You will need the same life size dummy body which you need to dress up and later pose in any way you need.

Halloween Crime Scene DecorationFor example drop the body under your car’s front wheels, as if it was run over. Get the body to be crushed over your car’s hood when the car’s hood is touching your garage door. A twisted body in the front lawn, with an axe buried deep in it’s back.

No matter which scene you create, you will need lots of fake blood to cover the driveway, to soak the body clothes and to create a realistic scene. You can add a yellow police tape “Do Not Cross” “Crime Scene” to add realistic touch to the decoration.

For complete scene design you may want a sound effect machine and a fog machine, both are an important part of a front yard Halloween decoration scene. The sound machine can let off screams and the fog can mask a crime scene, showing off part of the scene and not all of it together, making the scene much more interesting.

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